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The Seattle Police Pipes & Drums is partnerred with the Seattle Police Foundation and is a 501(C)(3) organization that is self funded and independently managed.

Inquiries can be sent to:

Seattle Police Pipes & Drums
P.O. Box 12183
Seattle, WA. 98102
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  • News IconTrooper O'Connell Memorial

    On Thursday, June 6th we were honored to participate in the remembrance of the life of Washington State Patrol Trooper Sean O'Connell.
    NWCN took Video of our performance.

  • News IconKing 5 News interview at Paddy Coynes

    King 5 reporter Christie Johnson interviews band members during the 2013 St. Patrick's day festivities in Seattle.

  • Seattle Police Pipes and Drums documentary

    Check out this awesome documentary that was done on the band recently. The video is about 8 minutes long and has some cool footage and interviews, as well as info about the history of the band.

  • News IconSee the Q13 Fox interview with band members!

  • News IconSeattle Police form pipe band to honor their own - and the community

    SEATTLE - Pipe bands have a long tradition in fire departments around the Puget Sound region, but there are no police department bands. That's about to change.
    Dozens of Seattle Police officers have joined forces to form the Seattle Police Pipes & Drums. They had their first official practice on Feb. 24.

    Read More ...
  • Listen to what Ron & Don are saying about the Seattle Police Pipes & Drums and the story Rachel Belle did on the band.


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